Sunday, January 3, 2010


Gulp. Tapping my desk. Biting my pen's cap. Who on earth cares? Eh sa tinatamad ako eh. Reflection papers are horridly sickening! I had not heard about making tons of paperworks such like these. Only about xeroxings (of notes and books). Majo ~ I used to call her "kambal" because of few other secret reasons. She precisely just told me something about her sister (who is in white ensemble everyday and has always a sanitizer in her bag). - Na lagi nga daw silang nagpapaxerox. Oh, 'yun na 'yon! =D

I beeped the merlats of my life asking them to wander tomorrow. Hindi pa kaya ako nagpapagupit. Ayoko ng malagong buhok. I don't go to salon alone. I want somebody I can talk to while I'm getting my hair done. Nakakapanis ng laway and I hate looking at my face for an hour. Eventually, si Dave lang ang nagreply. That's how Amber treat me. He/She was the controller and still is. Peace! :p

Quarter to 9 .. As of this moment, everything is void. Mulling over what story I would give rise to. I said my vacation's dull. Nothing's special. Bahala na. Hope I enjoy my last day .. to the fullest! (: of course with the extraordinary creatures I have mentioned. Twenty Seven hours left, estudyante na ulit ako ...

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