Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Dumps. Blue Devils. Cheerlessness.

What a title ....

Ha! It is now year 2010 and it's not booming. Still finding the reason why I'm having mood swings recently. Ewan ko ba, hindi na ako kasing cheerful tulad ng dati tuwing Pasko't Bagong Taon. I don't want to think that it's because I haven't got to receive desirable presents I jotted down into my wishlist. Oh 'di ba? Pang she-devil . Pero hindi rin naman yun. This feeling differs and questionable as well. Bitin ba 'ko sa bakasyon? Am I just missing my friends? Dagdag pa 'tong Boys Over Flowers which I'm super affected of. hahaha! XD Joke ba 'yun? I won't tell tales na. Redundant.

Each man hides a secret pain. Eh bakit pati sa akin sinisikreto din? Akin 'yun eh! *sigh .. I'm really clueless. Maybe because I don't believe it has to be reckoned nor exposed. I would just want to share it to someone who'd understand me and hopefully gain strength from that sharing. How I wish.

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