Friday, January 8, 2010

Day off

What's up in a Saturday morning? It's kind of funny to wake up just with my skivvies! Swimming was drooping. It had made me tired so when I went home last night, I just took my pants off and lazed down to bed just trying to make quite a bitty rest. And since I can perfectly define "pagod" .. I zonked out. -.-

As things go diddly, I just turn out like I don't know how to cut a pie. I have nothing to say apart from something breezed into my soundness while typing this part. My project in COMM100 Intro to Mass Media. It is a dashed crap. And it goes like this .....

This is the front page. Ms. Valera is our mentor. She tasked us to make a print medium showcasing a Christmas-New Year story and a rendition of how media and technology have changed how people celebrate these seasons, and I seemingly came up with this one. (:

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