Thursday, February 4, 2010

The off-the-wall challenge

Have you ever imagined yourself being locked up in a public comfort room for 30 minutes with nothing but your food? You may say that this is an odd experience but just as I was obliged to do so, I have learned that this is an exciting pursuit. I felt shy and self-effacing as I entered the restroom with a sundae and fries on my hand and I hated how people stared at me. I have been in a state of you could say disgust and repulsion. I knew I could not stand eating my food if there was a putrid smell that assails my nose, so I have had to refrain myself from doing so or else, I would have vomited. I had stayed there for 25 minutes causing my sundae to melt and the fries to lose its spirit. To sit and to ogle at my food were the things I have planned but my sweat glands were so active and I felt them filling up my whole body. I was nervous to know that I have to use the toilet so I decided to leave that secluded spot like nothing happened ... :p

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