Monday, February 1, 2010

The last time I said "I Love You" to my mother

It has really been quite a long time since I harangued these words to my mother. Back when I was basically a big, innocent kid, was the time I was able to tell her. As far as I can still remember, 'twas my last day in Grade School and I was doomed to bid goodbye to the hallways of Saint Therese of Lisieux School. It was Commencement Day. It was Graduation Day.

I can barely see the rainbow emblazoning itself up in the sky as I delivered my Valedictory Address before my fellows. Lights, eyes, ears were set upon me that solemn time of the cocktail hour. "Mama, I love you." - This wasn't part of my self-made piece. The crowd just moved me, they urged me. I just felt I was able to enter their beings.

Mama caught my attention. I supposed she was listening to me but she had her head bowed down. I decided to pause in a moment of silence waiting for her 'til she hoisted her head up back. Mood swings. She was crying. No one can blame me for making her cry more by saying those words. She just went crying throughout my entire speech.

After that dramatic exposure on stage, I picked a flower from nowhere (apart from the ones arranged). I walked along to where mama was seated and handed her the little red flower. Since I am not a sweet kind, I did not push to comfort her or even offer my hanky. She unconsciously took the flower and continued doing her weeping business. Then I got back to my seat. I left her speechless.

I realized how tear-jerking that moment was. Tears just ran down my face, yet it felt so good to be telling a large assembly that I love my mom soooooooooooo much.

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