Saturday, April 7, 2012

Because I'm curious

I believe that we all are born with talent. Pero minsan, curious lang talaga tayo sa mga bagay. Tulad ko. 

I PLAY THE PIANO. Neither did I enroll in a music school nor did I get piano lessons when I was a kid, ngunit dahil curious ako, nag-aral ako. All. By. My. Self. Below is one of the cover vids I made.

I swear I'm not bragging but let me reef off to you something I'm really proud of. It was my cousin who had piano lessons. I was the most envious person on earth kasi gustung-gusto ko rin matuto but I haven't had the opportunity. After she graduated, I asked her to teach me whatever she has learned from her music professors. USER! Hindi naman. OPPORTUNIST! Hindi rin. Kasi hindi naman niya ako tinuruan. Tinugtugan lang niya ako nang walang humpay! So I decided to grab her music books and I buried myself in them! Nag-aral ako. Ayun, paggising ko isang araw, piyanista na ako!

p.s. hindi na marunong tumugtog ang pinsan ko ngayon. Hindi naman siguro mali ang ginawa ko.

I MAKE FILMS. Wala akong alam sa pagsulat. O sa pagdederehe. O sa komposisyon, anggulo, o pag-iiskor. Pero dahil curious ako, sinubukan ko. Natuto ako. Below are posters and trailers of stage plays/films that have been produced  by COM(123)2 (section where i'm from). Some were under my direction.


I ADVERTISE. Last year, I was chosen to be part of the 25 finalists of a Public Service Ad Competition entitled 'maiBATAya' in DLSU-D. I was the first one that was called to come up on stage (assuming? random order naman daw). But 'twas a different feeling. Very tight ang competition so I was very lucky na napili ako. Appreciate more! Huge thanks to my mentor, Charisse de los Angeles. Hi ate cha! Salamat sa guidance at sa pagpili nito ...

I READ. I READ stands for I Read Everyday And Discover. We were tasked to make a reading advocacy program that, of course, would promote reading. "As a father and a mother of this family, I humbly affirm that all the members have actively, have compassionately taken part in this presentation. They offered halves of their lives ..." How I miss PR days. The iREAD program is a collaborative effort of two PR firms: Global Visibility & Public Power. It was the final activity in my Public Relations subject. Hence, I DO PR. Here is a promotional video of the campaign:

My years in DLSU-D surely have made me a better person. First day was unforgettable. Perfect combination of fortune (cute guys everywhere, cool profs) and misfortune (bipolar weather, "feelers"). Pero dahil curious ako, kabisado ko na ang buong univ. Sanay na akong makarinig ng mga feeling conyo at trying hard mag-english at makakita ng mga overdressed (define overdressed? separate entry for this one) tuwing wash day. Hindi naman ganun ang maging estudyante ng Cavite's premiere university. There's more to that. I am mighty proud to be a Communication student and to be a Lasallian. Sarap kaya! Try mo!

And in 2013 ..... I GRADUATE. :)

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